We are community driven.

We believe in our community that's why all our actions are meant to
improve it though our xMeetups and many more actions


Geex Review is a quarterly digital magazine made by developers for developers. The main goal of this digital magazine is to spread coding culture & sharing the latest technology subjects with the community of developers & IT passionate, you can find experts interviews, Technology review, tips & tricks etc. each edition will have a specific topic. Our magazine is an open collaborative magazine, so if you have anything you see relevant to share with the developer community, feel free to send us your suggestions on the following address geex.review@x-hub.io

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Devoxx Morocco is the annual largest Developers conference in the MEA region. it's + 200 workshops, conferences & keynote centered on computer technologies, from Mobile to Big Data, Programming languages & Enterprise Solutions.

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Devoxx4Kids is an international NGO whose mission is to give the passion of Coding & Robotics to the future generation ( Children from 6 to 14 years old), through the organization of fun and educational workshops that allow children to discover programming, Computer logic, and Robotics while having fun!

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